Our main focus is on improving our biopesticide technology platform and developing innovative biopesticides

Our focus

Chemical pesticides are man-made substances used to control or kill pests, such as insects, but unfortunately synthetic chemical pesticides have negative impacts on the environment and human health. The use of chemical pesticides has led to the development of resistant pest populations, the contamination of soil and water, and harm to non-target organisms. Additionally, chemical pesticides have been linked to various health issues in humans, including cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders.

The combination of government and economic union regulations (such as those of the EU), national incentives, and increasing demands from retailers and consumers has opened up a significant opportunity for eco-friendly pest control agents, particularly biopesticides.

Currently, our main focus is on improving our biopesticide technology platform and developing innovative biopesticides that facilitate environmentally-friendly and profitable farming. Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to develop a portfolio of biopesticides that provides modern farmers with effective alternatives to chemical biopesticides, while enabling farmers to satisfy the growing societal demand for sustainable farming practices and safe, healthy foods.

Technology platforms and product pipeline

AgriViro has develop an innovative technology platforms and has know-how for the development of a range of synergistic biopesticides and formulations. AgriViro has developed two primary technology platforms for biopesticides:


A technology platform for bacteria-based biopesticides


A technology platform for insect-specific virus-based biopesticides

AgriViro’s technology platforms provide a comprehensive approach to product development, including research and development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities. Our technology platform enables us to develop state-of-the-art biopesticides. AgriViro has key platform-related synergies and portfolio-enabled competitive advantages that will drive revenue growth.

Through our technology platforms and extensive research and development efforts, AgriViro has developed a valuable intellectual property (IP) portfolio. Our team is committed to commercially exploiting our IP portfolio as well as developing new technologies that address the needs of modern agriculture.

Our unique active ingredients, novel manufacturing methods and cutting-edge formulation technologies differentiate our biopesticide portfolio from other pest control products on the market and give customers unique benefits.

AgriViro’s biopesticides can be used alongside other pest control methods as part of an integrated pest management approach, to minimize the use harmful chemical pesticides and promote sustainable agriculture.

While our initial focus is on the South African market, the pests we are targeting are economically-important, global pests. Once we have established a foothold in the South African market and have refined our sales and marketing strategies, we plan to expand our reach and capitalize on the significant export potential of our biopesticides and allied technologies. Our innovative solutions for sustainable pest control have the potential to make a significant impact on the global agriculture industry.

AgriViro’s technology platforms not only enable the development of microbe-based biopesticides to control insect pests, but set an excellent foundation for the development of other innovative microbe-based AgBio products, such as plant-growth promoting and disease-preventing seed coatings.